Achilles of Kong originally formed and played under the name of Mayonnaise from 1995 until 2000 when the band split. it was during this time that strong songwriting bond formed between myself and guitarist Daniel Emmerson.  As the band progressed over the next 4 years they changed from playing angsty pop rock, to becoming a full on instrumental post rock outfit consisting of two guitars, bass and two drummers. Due to changes in drummers and musical direction, the band rebranded themselves as Achilles of Kong. It became clear to Joe and Daniel during the final months of the bands existence where their true direction lay.
In 2012, Joe and Daniel got together and began to reminisce about the old days of the band, and discussions took a sharp turn towards getting together to Jam .
Three years later, Joe and Daniel are once again Achilles of Kong, now a 2 piece band who utilise the power and flexibility of Pro Tools to allow them to perform their own unique style of instrumental rock music. influences include melancholy, grandeur, euphoria, dynamics and tristesse.
Achilles of Kong will start recording their long awaited debut album 'always carry grey skies in your heart' in Jan/Feb 2016, with a release date still to be announced, meanwhile you can enjoy a selection of demo tracks from our soundcloud page,